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Start Ups

About 60% of our clients are start ups. Most of those are in consultancy and software development. We understand your unique needs and will help you navigate the complex tax structures in the US. 

Entity Selection

Choosing the correct entity type and state of registration is the first major step we will help guide you through.

Tax Elections

Every detail will be covered from requesting your EIN to the selection of the correct reporting entity.  It is important for you to know the short term and long term implications of selecting the proper tax elections.


We are your year round partner in tax compliance. Using our proprietary app  we will keep you posted on important deadlines, where things stand in the preparation process and important opportunities. 

  • Free

    No Obligation 30 Minutes Meeting Via Zoom or Call
    Free Plan
    • Try us out and bring your questions.
    • One of our professionals will be there to provide answers.
  • Initial Filings

    Perfect for a Startup with limited monthly transactions
    Valid for one year
    • For businesses up to $150,000 in sales.
    • Unlimited email inquiries for 1 year
    • Annual Federal, state(1), local preparation and filing
    • Free use of our app

Our Expertise....Your Piece Of Mind

There are many things written on the internet regarding owning a business in the US. Some are good, some are bad and a lot are incomplete.  We try to give you good overview of what is the right thing to do and encourage you to set up a no obligation meeting before we take you on as a client . Click Here.   

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